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DatetheUK.com - Dating Site ReviewWhen I visited the Female 2 Femaile website my first thought was 'what on earth of going on with the logo' it gives the impression of a site built about 10 years ago but seems to be doing very well in the search engines so must be doing something right.

OK let's look past the visual faux pas and get focusing on the content. As the page has displayed it showed 7 photos of ladies looking for love. The trouble is for a UK website not one of the 7 photos were of women actually in the UK - all were in the United States - I'm not getting on a plane for a date!

Next is the search box. I complete some details. My search is for lesbian women (I have to distinguish between bisexual and lesbian apparently) in the United Kingdom between the ages of 30 and 50. I'm presented with 109 pages of results with 12 profiles per page. OK 1,300 profiles is a good start. I try to move from page 1 to 2 or click on any profiles and I'm prompted to register for free membership or login so sign up for free membership.

On registration I am asked some quite bizarre questions such as whether I live at home or with friends or with family, and whether I have children. Although not completely unrelated I am a bit annoyed these are mandatory fields and I can not complete registration unless I answer them without the choice of explaining I would prefer not to answer. Right, finally through registration. Could be less US focused for a UK site and a little less personal please!

I now have free registration and start exploring the site once again. What is nice to see within free membership are all photos on profile, a full description added by the member and quite a nice field showing 'Attracted to Ages' and 'Attracted to Body Builds'. This gives you a very good idea what age range and body type the women who has caught your eye is looking for.

Like most free accounts on dating sites I can not contact any of the members unless I upgrade to free membership. Membership starts at $8.95 per month up to $19.95 per month depending how long you sign up for.

- Good level of detail available to free members
- Lots of profiles available to browse

- Too US focused for a UK site
- Payment is even in US$ rather than £s
- Bad design layout plus confusion navigation
- Ads slow down site as you browse through

Total Lesbian Dating Score - 2 Stars

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